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tomato price per kg | Latest tomato Price List 2019

In addition to being very beautiful in color and shape, tomatoes are one of the most delicious and nutritious vegetables. Of course, some people may be allergic to it. Tomatoes are said to be a cure for all human pain, and studies have shown that this diet can cure many diseases and even have the ability to maintain muscle health. Consuming raw tomatoes or water will maintain muscle health. Since tomatoes are rich in protein, they have a positive effect on muscle strength. This tasty nutrient can also relieve muscle pain and improve muscle structure. You can see the tomato price per kg in the fruit and vegetable markets.

tomato price per kg | Latest tomato Price List 2019

how much dose tomato per kg cost?

how much dose tomato per kg cost?When it comes to tomatoes you don’t know how to consume them in the fruit or vegetable category. The important thing is that tomatoes are a rich resource that everyone should use. Conscientious dietitians know that they do extra nutritional cooking without going through preparations because tomatoes prevent disease and send health factors to all parts of the body.An average tomato contains 22 calories – 0g fat – 5g carbohydrate – 1g protein. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin A and C and folic acid. Tomatoes have a wide range of nutritional benefits and are known for being antioxidant – lycopene – lipoic acid – folic acid and lutein.

What Was tomato List With Price 2018?

What Was tomato List With Price 2018?Farmers believe that the price of a tomato per kilogram of tomato farmer will cost more than a thousand tomans and is not affordable below the price of 200 thousand tomans, but now with tomato dealers 700 to 800 tomans are bought. Buyers know tomatoes and believe that dealers have hit farmers hard. The number of factories in this area is less than two fingers, and this has led tomato trucks to wait in line for hours to deliver to the factory, and the perishability of this product is at stake. Brokers to buy more The tomato has opened.These have been the factors behind price changes in 2018.

Who Sells Cheap tomato In 2019?

Who Sells Cheap tomato In 2019?Tomatoes have proven to be excellent for keeping your body healthy and beautiful. One of the properties of tomatoes for beauty and health is that it can prevent body weight gain. Studies have shown that if you consume tomatoes every morning, you lose unwanted fat inside the body. Another way to maintain good body weight, or even lose weight, is to drink tomato juice. Such an effect is because tomatoes reduce appetite by stopping fermentation in the intestines.You can go to the main and wholesale centers of this product to buy cheap tomatoes.When you buy this product the question arises in your mind where is the wholesale tomatoes near me? You can find online maps to help answer this question.

Which Countries Are Exporting tomato?

Which Countries Are Exporting tomato?Exports of tomatoes to Iran were reported at $ 9.3 billion. Exports of this product increased by 2% compared to 2017.Tomato exports in 2018 were about $ 9.2 billion, and overall reports show that the value of tomato exports declined by 0.7 percent compared to 2014. In 2018, Europe accounted for about 46.1 percent – $ 4.3 billion of total tomato exports. North America’s share of tomato exports was 32.4 percent and Asia’s share was 11.9 percent.Africa accounted for 8.8 percent, Latin America excluding Mexico 0.6 percent, and Oceania for tomato exports 0.1 percent in 2018.Among continents, Europe accounted for 63.1 percent, or $ 5.8 billion, of tomato imports, while North America came in second with 30.4 percent. Latin America was 0.3 percent, except Mexico, 0.2 percent Africa and 0.05 percent Oceania .The 1 kg tomato price in india today differs from the price it has been in the past few months.Also the tomato market price today in delhi is very different from the past.

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